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Periodontal Disease Linked to Cardiovascular Disease

While current research does not yet provide evidence of a causal relationship between the two diseases, scientists have identified biologic factors, such as chronic inflammation, that independently link periodontal disease to the development or progression of cardiovascular disease in some patients. - PRNews wire.


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Michael A. Schacter, D.M.D., P.C. of Yonkers, NY specializes in the care and treatment of the supporting structures of the teeth and implant dentistry.

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Dr. Schacter maintains an active membership in many professional associations. He was recognized as a “Top Dentist” in Westchester County Magazine in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018

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Occlusal Adjustment

Occlusal Adjustment

Occlusion (dentistry), is the manner in which the upper and lower teeth come together when the mouth is closed. Occlusal Adjustment is a procedure that makes corrections to the bite associated with loose, shifting teeth or teeth that are biting too hard. Balancing and evenly distributing the biting and chewing forces on a tooth reduces the looseness and relieves excessive pressures on the supporting gum and bone structures.


What are some of the SIGNS that may justify an occlusal adjustment:

  • Loose or shifting teeth: sometimes one sign is increased spacing between the upper front teeth. Occasionally, you may feel that your teeth do not hit correctly.
  • Grinding or clenching of your teeth: this habit (usually stress -related) can cause an unevenly distributed and excessive biting force on several of your teeth and subsequently on the bone support which holds the teeth in your jaw.
  • Headache may sometimes accompany the grinding or clenching of your teeth. The headache in most of these cases will occur in the temporal regions of your head (lateral to the eyes.
  • PAIN: One or more teeth may hurt upon eating or biting down normally. This is usually caused by the eruption of a tooth beyond the normal plane of the bite, such that only one or two teeth contact prematurely.
  • Sensitivity to temperature (sometimes hot, but mostly cold). Again this is due to the premature contact between one or more teeth. With the knowledge that one can bite with a force of up to 200 pounds per square inch, the nerve within the tooth gets irritated and hypersensitive.

What are some additional modes of therapy along with an occlusal adjustment:

  • Construction or fabrication of a Hawley Bite Plane . This is especially indicated when teeth are very loose and to resolve headaches associated with grinding of the teeth.
  • Splinting: If one or more teeth are very loose such that functioning (chewing) becomes difficult, the loose teeth can be "tied" to the adjacent stronger teeth by means of a splint. A material called Ribbond (which is a Kevlar material) is placed just underneath the surfaces of the teeth that are to be splinted and subsequently sealed with a composite filling material. This technique is not considered permanent in that over time it can detach, but it is often cost-effective until an alternate solution can be found.
  • Medication: Muscle relaxers or anti-inflammatory medications can be used if the jaw muscles are tight, esp. during the night or when wakening up from sleep. 



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