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Periodontal Disease Linked to Cardiovascular Disease

While current research does not yet provide evidence of a causal relationship between the two diseases, scientists have identified biologic factors, such as chronic inflammation, that independently link periodontal disease to the development or progression of cardiovascular disease in some patients. - PRNews wire.


Surgical therapy on gums treats infection that is too advanced and pockets that are too deep to be corrected by scaling and root planing alone. The gums are opened and the infection removed and then they are repositioned to make it easier to keep the teeth and roots clean. 

Your bone and gum tissue should fit snugly around your teeth.  When you have periodontal disease, this supporting tissue and bone is destroyed, forming "pockets" around the teeth.

Gum disease is treated by eliminating the pockets by removing the infected gum tissue and by re-contouring the uneven bone tissue. Although this is still an effective way of treating gum disease, new and more sophisticated procedures are used routinely today.

As time goes by, these pockets become deeper, providing a larger space for bacteria to live. As bacteria develop around the teeth, they can accumulate and advance under the gum tissue. These deep pockets collect even more bacteria, resulting in further bone and tissue loss. Eventually, if too much bone is lost, the teeth will need to be extracted.

During Osseous Surgery your periodontist folds back the gum tissue and removes the disease-causing bacteria before securing the tissue into place. In some cases, irregular sing surfaces of the damaged bone are smoothed to limit areas where disease-causing bacteria can hide. This allows the gum tissue to better reattach to healthy bone.  In addition, Bone Grafting is often indicated  in an effort to regenerate lost supporting bone around affected teeth.



Guided Tissue Regeneration 

Guided tissue regereration1                    Guided tissue regereration

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Michael A. Schacter, D.M.D., P.C. of Yonkers, NY specializes in the care and treatment of the supporting structures of the teeth and implant dentistry.

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Dr. Schacter maintains an active membership in many professional associations. He was recognized as a “Top Dentist” in Westchester County Magazine in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018

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Osseous (Bone) Surgery

 Osseous Surgery


Osseous SurgeryThe rough sharp edges of the bone can be smoothed off.





Osseous Surgery-Repositioning of gum around toothThe gum is then repositioned around the neck of the tooth and held in place with sutures..


Bone SurgeryAfter numbing the area very well, an incision is made in the gum to separate the gum from the tooth. This "flap" allows us to access to the plaque calculus deep in the pocket.














There are times when it is appropriate to use a barrier membrane to separate the bone and ligament space from the gum tissue. This helps allow a regeneration of new bone and periodontal ligament.
Very often osseous (bone) grafts are performed to regenerate the lost bone support. The material comes in a jar from a tissue bank.








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